Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Yawn... we're back from hibernation

yah yah yah... we know.

It's been a long--- loooong 2 months and 8 days since our last post!

It's not that we are lazy, but here's why...

1) we were shifting houses - must pack up all our foodies and toys!

2) we were accustoming ourselves with a junior suite room (instead of the tiny, tiny room in Woodlands)

3) we were unpacking - must store and stack our stuff in the right cupboards! Hohoo..

Shouldn't take more than 2 months right? unless we have migrated from Singapore to North Pole or something.

The main, main reason is MaMa. There's so much going-ons on her life these weeks that she needs time to adapt.

More on us soon... Ciao!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
As 'FAT" as a PIGGIE!!!

{Milo} It's time to be defiant...

I hate it when everyone starts telling me I'm FAT!

Grandma came by last weekend, and within the hour that she was at our place... she kept repeating "Why ah... Milo? How come so Fat?" The ULTIMATE one was "So FAT! Like a pig already?!!"
Do I look anything remotely like a PIG? No pig on earth have fur and floppy ears ok?
Ma have been cutting down on snacks and meals.. BUT It's a blessing to live and eat, right? EATING is soooo crucial to calm my rumbling tummy. I Live to Eat... Not Eat to Live.
Whatever you say... FAT or plump, I'm NOT going on a diet.
Bring on those snacks... Ma!
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Saturday, June 16, 2007
Our Father's Day Tribute!

{Kopi} Happy Papa's Day! Muack!

17 June 2007... the day when every dog celebrates its master's day - Father's Day. Thankfully Pa will think I am a loyal dog to him for remembering this all important day. (Very very 'heng' = lucky, Ma reminded me by logging in to blog this as a tribute to Pa).

See Pa, I really really 'wuff' you lots! I cannot sleep without having a good sniff at your toes!

Thank you for lending your precious toes (when you are asleep) for me to expand all my doggie energies.

Bless you Pa, may your toes be strong and yummy in the coming years.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Mother's Day Tribute!
{Kopi} +{Milo}

For the 1st time-ever, we are writing a post together!

Know it's really belated but we want to wish all happy thoughts and blessings to all the mummies in the world! HAPPY MAMA's DAY -- woof!

Your turn will come, pa... next month hor!

Credit goes to http://muttscomics.com/ for such wonderful illustrations.

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Friday, May 11, 2007
More food.. yes yes!

{Kopi} But I AM hungry what...

We usually have 2 meals a day. The 1st meal of the day as breakfast at 6.45am and the second as our supper at 11.30pm. The routine has been fixed for the past few years...

Sometime last week, Ma (as usual) prepared our breakfast with my favourite 'Addiction' meat chunks and nibbles. In her groggy/sleepy state, she accidentally dropped my bowl of food on the floor. Ah ya, what's new.. this is Ma, the klutz.

Milo and I scrambled for the food, licking off the floor... Oi! what hygiene? It's Addiction meat chunks leh! We competed to see who gets the most meat chunks off the floor and in no time, the floor was sparkling clean again. Ma cleaned the floor and our bowls and she went about her 'going-off to work' routine.

And Pa, who always clean our faces and bowls after our breakfast, saw that we were without our ear covers and bowls. He assumed that we have NOT eaten!! Woo hooo...

It's round 2, as Pa prepared more 'Addiction' meat chunks with nibbles. Well, you know if food is offered, table manners is to finish everything off the bowl, right? And so we did!

Ma came out of the shower, and spotted us eating AGAIN! She shrieked at Pa for feeding us AGAIN... but it's too late, we finished everything! Yummy!

Pa explained to Ma that we look so, so, so hungry that he thought that he needed to feed us! Well, Pa... what can I say... You have been 'Punked'. We ALWAYS look hungry. Here's proof.

{I know we look ridiculous with our ear covers! Dun you dare laugh!}

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
{Milo} Ever wonder why we wag our tails?

Allow me, the intellectual of my family, to share the knowledge...

Most people think that dogs wag their tails only when they're happy.
But it's a little MORE-- complicated than that.

Wagging is a form of communication for us, we don't usually wag our tails when we're alone (siao arh, think we are as silly as humans who talk to themselves?).

It's one of the only few methods used to show our emotional states. The wag can convey good spirits, fear, aggravation, dominance, or submission. It doesn't mean that when we are wagging our tails, we are happy-campers! We could be in fear... and may need to pounce on you to defend ourselves? It all depends on the situations, our moods and if we are friends.

But one's thing clear... we are always so happy when we see our Ma and Pa.
I w
uff them so much!
No instructions needed, just shake our butts and tails off!! Let me get Ma to video us when we do the booty dance soon!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
The Official Disney Guide ---
{Milo} Whaddya mean who's Pluto?

I absolutely cannot believe this... Many ppl started asking Ma who is this Pluto dog??!
You mean you guys never watched Mickey Mouse at all?

It's not the Goofy dog lah --- not Scooby-Doo either...
Pluto is Mickey's loyal, faithful sidekick, remember? Go rent some videos and relive your childhood again.

Ok, a picture speaks (and explains) a 1,000 words! Here's the dog...enjoy!

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